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any RECENT Lr orders from Phishybusiness?


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In case I dont order LR from tampabaysaltwater or gulf-view (by the way, if i picked between these 2, what 1 should i do?) or premiumaquatics, i think phishybusiness has really good looking LR. Of course, you shouldnt always go by what the pictures look like, so I was wondering if anyone has recently ordered bali LR from them. If so, was there exceptional life on it, and how was the color?


I am having the hardest time deciding on where to buy LR. Gulf-view and Tampabaysaltwater seem to have the best life on their rock, and awesome colors, but it seems kinda pricey, and I heard its dense rock that doesnt have a lot of shape. I want to get about 40lbs or LR for my 30 gallon tank. On the other hand premium aquatics and phishybusiness seem to have nice rock (with cool shaped, and light weight, but not near as good at tbs and gulf-view, and they are located somewhat close to me.


If anyone could give me any input I would appreciate it :)

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premium aquatics has good rock. I also heard alot of good things about phishybusiness rock. I've seen tampabay and florida gulf rock and wasnt too impressed with it. Plus mantis shrimps are a pain in the but to catch and both the tampa and florida rock brought along at least two hitchhiking mantis shrimps. I heard that kaelini and marshall has awesome life on it too. Get uncured as you will get more life on it. Just look for sponges if you do and yank them off.

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