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here's my new project


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I took these with my camera phone so they suck.


Its a 21 gallon acrylic cube. Its going to have a 15 gallon sump and a 150 watt MH pendant hanging overhead.


I'm going to be moving all the stuff from my current 15 into it. My goal with this tank is to keep every bit of equipment hidden.

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great!!! isn't there a a rule about putting supports on the tops of acrylic tanks or can you build some without the support? just asking, cause i'm looking into building a tank...

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Yeah, where's the bracing on the top? That thing looks like its going to be almost round when you fill it with water...it it stays together.

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Dunno about bracing. I bought it off a local guy who built it and used it awhile to hold his clams. The acrylic is thick. I just assumed it would be OK.

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