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150w HQI How close?


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It can be 4" away from the water. I keep mine about 6" away, but it is over a 29g tank. It really depends on air flow and how hot things get-which can be a prblm on a 7g minibow!



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Sounds good. It was 12" away when I started, but now its closer to 8". The hood I have sits on top of the tank(3" from surface), but I decided to hang it after the upgrade and like the look even better. I think that by putting the 150w there they would get fried. The 70w halide wasn't so strong.

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I've found that Acropora don't color up under 70w halides, but I'm still on a mission to have a thriving SPS nano.


As far as stability, which always comes up when you talk about SPS nano's... I've got a 17g refugium/sump. Phosban reactor. I also drip Kalk, and have an auto-top off. The MH is cooled by a fan, and the bulb gets hot, but I bumped the temp up to 80 and 82 in the summer and it keeps it stable.

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