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can a hermit crab get stuck?


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I had 2 electric orange hermits I had seen one for a about 2 days well I just found his remains his shell is stuck inside a hole and he appearently couldn't get out so crawled out of his shell?? and the other one has been over in the corner where I found him since last night, was he eating him?? Or lamenting? I picked him up and moved him to the other side of the tank and he hasn't really moved since?? I checked the water and it tests out fine. The shell is really stuck though is it possible that he ran into a hitchhiker in there that stole his shell because I can't get the thing to even wigle feels like maybe something else is holding on?

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doo doo dood oo (twilight zone theme)


Um tonight after the light are off and the moonlight kicks on the shell the the above mentioned hermit goes creeping by!!!!! He has been my night cleaner, the 2 seemed to have worked out a shift system. The thing terrified me!!! GHOST CRAB! then I thought no the other one just took his shell, but no he's still in his sleeping on his normal rock?


Did it molt?? it was a lot of crab for a molt.


I don't have a clue!

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