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My Nano DX has been up for nearly a full 4 weeks, but I haven't had any algea blooms. I'm not sure if all the hitchhiker snails eat it before I have a chance to see it. Is this ok? has my tank cycled? All params are good but I'm not sure what the nitrates are becuase my test is out of wack! will be getting a new nitrate test mon. Is it ok to add some hermits and a peppermint shimp?

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You might be done cycling. My cycling ended in two weeks using cured rock. But, I would still check the Nitrate before adding anymore live stock.

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everything is zero but I'm not sure what the nitrates are because like I said before that test is on the fritz! lol No matter what kind of water I test they all read 12.5 nitrates so I'm waiting for my new test

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sounds like you should start on water changes. if ammonia/nitrites are 0 but nitrate is readable then water changes are in order.


nitrite to nitrate conversion is the most inefficent and difficult of the conversions. the easiest way to do it is water changes.




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