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Slight Anemone Problem


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well, I guess this started a few weeks ago when I planned on adding a DIY plexi Protein skimmer in the back compartments of my 5 month old 10g stock nano cube. I made it with plexi glass, aquarium glue, some aquarium hosing and brass connectors that weren't even in the water. Al seemed fairly safe to me so I put it in the tank and had it running for about a day.


When I got back in the evening I noticed that my rock anemone and 2 pink Bubbletip anemones (originally the same entity) had pathetically shrunken up and looked rather sick. So, I quickly removed the frankenstein protein skimmer and did a 2 gallon water change to get anything poisonous diluted.


Two weeks later (now), the pink anemones seem to be doing fine, sebae clown and blue velvet damsel ok, trumpet coral could be a bit better, 2 turbo snails ok, 3 hermits ok, brittle star ok. But my coral banded shrimp died (could have been age) and a couple bodies of some other hermits showed up floating around and the rock anemone just doesn't look good at all! His center orifice is loosely open and tentacles are very small and surrounding flesh very puckered. He still sluggishly reacts to being touched with the feeding stick I use, but if he is dying, I don't want to poison the water or anything, yet I would hate to loose him. Does anyone have any advice? Should I quarantine him?


Temp is around 78, salinity a little high maybe but not much different, and all nitrates, amonia ok, phosphates a little high.


I don't know if maybe I should have soaked the skimmer I made a while to get rid of any bad chemicals. But either way, I am not risking putting it back in.


Can anyone advise?




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