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How do I keep the Kalk thoroughly mixed in the AutoTopOff Bucket w/o it clumping?


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Exactly what the question asks because if Kalk is left in the topoff water, it starts to sink towards the bottom and clumps together. Is there any way to keep the Kalk thoroughly mixed with the water without havign to hand stir the stuff?

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You could do 2 things....1- stick an airstone in there, 2 - stick a small pump in for more circ.


Question...when you mix your kalk batch do you skim off the top of the mix and only take the clear water above the silt later or do you just use the whole thing?



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you can use a magnetic stirrer. i just got one off ebay for cheeeep. i just dial it in around medium and keep it constantly stirring.


i just got a kalk reactor from fade2black (aka First Class Acrylics-sponsor). it came with a magnetic stirrer but i got another one for backup and maybe a 2nd reactor in the future.

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