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Mystery snail turns up.. double the size...


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Hi guys... well a week or so ago, i left a message saying i saw a snail and described it. Alot of people said it would be a bumble bee but i wasnt so sure... heres a piccy- btw it isnt like a snail, i mean it is more like a long blue tenticle with a shell?

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"long blue tenticle" doesnt sound too reef safe IMO~ =/

you can compare it to a BB snil on liveaquria.com and the shell is very close, but they arent blue.....

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i had a snail just like that...ok no, the only thing similar was the probiscus and that it was a snail. hm. mine was an olive green shell but the guy preyed upon ANY snails i put into my tank, with the exception of my turbo snails. any astrea i bought, eaten within a week! this thing would hibernate for months and when i thought, "hm...maybe it died!" and put some snails in, the snail would 'wake up' and start attacking!


be on the lookout for any missing snails in your tank was the point of that story.

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