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Alternate Nano Nozzle


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Dont know if anyone would care, but I have found an alternate nozzle that fits PERFECTLY on the nano cube outlet. It is the single output reflector off of an H.O.T. Magnum, not the dual output reflector. I bought it for $0.99 at my LFS just to see if it worked. I have it so the deflector is angled up at a slight right skew towards the glass. Absolutly brakes the surface tension and gets rid of the surface scum 100%.

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I bought it at "the aquarium center". aquariumcenter.com.


~8 Alpine type R midbass' and 8 Alpine soft dome tweeters

~1 Alpine MRV 4-channel running into 8 channels @ 2 ohm each

~Alpine HU

~Audiocontol Overdrive line driver

~Audiocontol 24xs Linkwitz/Riley crossover

~2 Kenwood eXcelon 401m mono amps modified to run at 1 ohm

~4 Xtant x1044 10" subwoofers w/dual slot ported enclosure

~1 5 farad Stinger Digital capacitor

~Monster cable speaker and coaxial cables

~Stinger 0 guage and 4 guage wiring combinations.


Its set up for SQL but did a 149db with a 50-56hz burp

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