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Propagating these?


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zoos...take a hammer and chisel/screwdriver, find a good spot to hit the rock and have at it! wear eye protection and keep your mouth closed as zoos have palytoxins that can cause nausea, numbness, death, etc.

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I don't have a tank yet but this is what I've read.

Yes, they will spread to the other rock, and then you won't have to smash and chisel. You will need to cut the connective style tissues areound the base if the polyps are connected will a knife or razor. And you'll want to do it out of the aquarium because they will ooze a toxic black fluid.

I could be wrong, but that's what I remember from somewhere.

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uh, yeah, you can just put this colony on another rock and they'll spread...it will take a bit of time, but they'll spread for sure. but what jrgumby said about the toxic black fluid is something i have never encountered with my zoos. lol.

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