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Earlier I saw some posts about some monster worms and how destructive they are. Well now I was looking at the rock in my nano and I believe I see a small worm moving around on one of the rocks...the question is are all worms bad? Should I get rid of this guy now? And whats the best way?

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No...most worms are good. The Eunice worm is highly predatory and should be removed. But most worms (peanut, small bristle, spaghetti worms ect...) are beneficiary to your tank and help to clean up detrius and other wastes that are in your tank. Your best bet is to identify any worm you may be unsure of and failing thatif you observe them doing wrong, then is the time to get them out, but not before.


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Probably a common bristle worm. The small ones are beneficial scavangers. The larger ones can damage corals if there is not enough food in the tank. I had that happen to me (I attribute it to not feeding my tank at all, I have no fish or shrimp in my reef), and several others posted in the coral forum with like stories.


Keep an eye on your bristle worm population but don't panic. If your tank has enough food bristles shouldn't bother corals.

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Bristleworms look like millipedes with white things coming out from the body. These are beneficial to a tank as long as they are not too long.

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