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Predatory snails


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My tank has been set up for 1.5 yr...no new LR additions and the only cleaner crew I purchased was 3 astreas, 3 baja red legged hermits, 4 stombus maculatus, and 4 llyanassas (similar to nassarius) snails. The herms have been banished to the fuge for a long time so they've got an alibi.


Over the last few months I've seen my snail numbers slowly dwindle. The astreas are fine, but it is the strombus and llyanassas. I find empty shells lying around.


One night I few weeks ago, I noticed a "new" snail eating the strombus snail egg sacks on the glass. This snail was about the shape and size of a tic-tac. This snail was lightly colored, had a similar foot shape, "trunk", and antenna as a llyanassas (I thought they breed!).


Anyway, last night, I saw a chiton on the glass, with two of these nasties chowin' on him. There very fast (in snail terms) and look like they were about to get under the chitons shell and kill it somehow.


Needless to say.....there gone!


Anyone ever run across these guys?

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I've had problems with other predatory snails, but not like you've described. You may want to post over at Reef Central on Dr Ron Shimek's board. I've found him to be very helpful.

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