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How old can a clown become?


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Well, I went to the LFS the other day and I saw a clarkii given away by a family whose Grandpa pasted away who owned the tank. They stated that the fish was close to 11 years. It was about the size of a small bluegill and had a blind eye. The thing was totally tame and was real colorful even that old.;)

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Well it all depends on the specs of the tank. Larger tanks allow fish to live closer to there true life expectancy that is why public aquariums with huge systems can have clowns live that long. However a clown will not live that long in a nano reef unfortunately. Goodluck.

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I have heard of a couple of people keeping a pair of ocellaris clowns for eight years or so in a ten gallon, I personally kept a tomato clown for three years before.

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