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all you DIYER's SHO YOUR TOOLS!!11


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ho what you guys use to make your projects with.....


well heres only 35% of what me and my dad have...


table saw



10" chop saw



electric planer



belt sander



heat gun for acrylics and such


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Reciprocating saw



a Jigsaw thats older than me...... :unsures:



air compressor and brad nailer (our bigger gun is at my uncles)



19.2 volt cordless drill, and makita circular saw.



this is only a fraction of me and my dads tools most of them are at my cousins from the divorce, and our larger table saw, band saw,drill press, radius-arms saw are at my uncles.

when we move all the tools i will update picstures.

:) c'mon lets see what you got........


Oh and my new baby i just bought today

4 1/2" angle grinder


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I have an X-acto Knife, Weld-on, low-power generic dremel, Solder iron (For wiring, and for roughing out holes), and the best tools G-D gave you, your hands (or in this case, my hands).

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I have that same old retro drill, well its my dads but still,


all my tools are my dads except an exacto set, a power sander and... thats it, then theirs my gramps tools, hes got glass cutters that come in handy

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I thought that drill was the coolest looking drill ever. It is tough looking, and it is built to last for well, long time! And when I need the corless drill/impact driver, I use the 6914D Makita, and man is that thing powerful! I can use it to remove lug nuts off of my car wheels easily. It has a built in resistence mechanism that detects resistence, and than gives the driver more power.

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Guest johnnye

Looks good. I like the recessed panel on the sides. Just a hint....if you're going to put a sump underneath, make sure you urethane EVERYTHING. I didnt, there was just some parts I couldnt reach (I should have caulked that area off), and the humidty from the sump caused it to bow just slightly.

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Thanks for the info. I've heard some stories about bowing and stuff as well. Yeah I was planning on sealing the entire thing, I was going to use urethane and I was also considering using silicone as well at the joints inside the bottom area. I really like the recessed panels as well. The entire back is recessed to match, and the doors will be also, with a strip down center of the doors to serve to hide the space between the doors and to also break up the front part. I'm hoping I'll get to do a little work on it while I'm at home this winter. This tank won't be up for a few more years, so I can go ahead and take my time on it an ddo a good job.

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That is a very sweet stand. Your dad is great woodworker.


I would consider using a marine spar varnish if you are planning on using a sump. Btw, Craftman tools of yesteryear are very good tools, they can knock any of the newer stuff on their ass.


I don't have any pics, but I added a porter cable circular saw and a variable speed router to my arsenal this year. Still working on getting a miter saw and jigsaw. I build a stand and canopy for my 50 gallon, and will get my ass in high gear for my 120g soon.

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Guest johnnye

This is what I came up with. One thing I found out via google is you can make your own color stains by mixing mineral spirits with an alklyd paint. I wanted a black stain and could'nt find it anywhere.



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Also, as an FYI, there's no such thing as free speech on a privately owned message board. Have a nice day.

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Sorry, craftsman does not make the best tools, especially since craftman uses lots of plastic gears in their power tools. They didn't before but... BOOOOO!!!!

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