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nanocube and snails


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I have the 12g nano cube. What is a good balance of snails? I am running a 36w retro light kit 50/50 bulb for about 9 hours. I have noticed my rocks are getting a green look to them. The snails roll it over and clean it off just dont think I have enough for the job. I have 2 tophats, 1 king nassaurius, 2 other snails that look similiar to tophats but have a black shell with like a pearl color top.


Does anybody think I need more snails and if so what types?


Thanks Hooked

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I also do weekly water changes around 2-3 gallons. I have about 2 pounds of rubble in back compartments. I take the spunge out weekly and rinse also.

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I have a Nano Cube also. First of all I would remove all the sponges in the back they will only create problems for you in the long run. I have about 10 turbo snails in mine and they are doing a great job. The green on the rocks that you are seeing maybe corline algea I would have to see a pic to know for sure.

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this is the best pic I could get. It doesnt really show you much. I take it that my couple of snails cant keep up and I will need to get more.

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There IS A VERY NICE PACKAGE i think on marine depot live or one of those major ones looks around ... =) i would think for 120

you want turbos if anything i would reccommend

60 Snails.

120 Hermit.

5 Queen couch Thats a good deal right there.

1 Lawn mower blenny.


^_______^ that should do it Make sure mexican turbo snails

Then you wont need so much of them, They are the best nonstop workers.

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60 snails in a nanocube? thats nuts! maybe domino thought it was a larger tank.. ???


i only have 2 decent sized snails in my nanocube..


how long has your tank been running hooked? its normal to get algae growing if the tank is new. IMO you might want to just get a couple more and see how they go.. turbos or trochus are my favs.

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My hermitt crab does a better job than my snails. You could add a few blue-legged hermitts. I have 7 snails total, the are all doing well in my DX.

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