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Meet the New HYDROS Sole

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CoralVue Aquarium Products

Introducing the new HYDROS Sole.

Introducing the HYDROS Sole

Introducing the HYDROS Sole

HYDROS Controller Designed for Continuous-Duty Liquid Dosing Applications

The HYDROS Sole is an aquarium controller hybrid with a heavy-duty liquid dosing pump designed for continuous dosing applications like controlling effluent in a calcium reactor, kalkwasser additions, dosing liquid foods, feeding a sulfur reactor, and performing water changes.

The controller is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums and can be used independently or in conjunction with other HYDROS devices. The Sole can send alerts and notifications, and when used with a HYDROS XP8 or WiFi Power Strip, it can also control outlets for lights, pumps, feeders, and other aquarium accessories.


The Sole Features:

  • Quiet Operation

  • Robust Stepper Motor

  • For Continuous Use

  • Can Run in Reverse

  • Includes 1/4" Push-fit Fittings

  • Easy to Service

HYDROS Sole - Continuous-Duty Liquid Dosing Pump and Controller
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I’ve struggled with reefing on every build besides my first one back in 04ish. My last build was a 22g long and it was going so beautifully. Until my idiot self decided to put a “Jaebo” doser on the system. It auto siphoned on two different occasions and literally ruined my beautiful tank that I was so proud of. I am in a rebound on a much smaller scale (my old deskmate). But in the event that I ever need dosing equipment again. I’ll spend the money on something like this! 

looks like solid quality and trustworthy. 

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Excellent addition to the ecosystem. Probably favours people with larger systems but another string to the hydros bow.

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