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Heater & ATO recommendations

Mohawk Mafia

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Mohawk Mafia

Hey All


I am still waiting on my G2 Peninsula, they say it might be here next week. I wanted to tell them "I might buy more stuff for you" ☹️. The stand is on back order which is really frustrating since the room the tank is going into will be remodeled by mid next week. So I am still gathering my equipment and I'm stuck on the heater & ATO.


I am looking at the Helio PTC Smart Heaters 100W, Cobalt Neo Term Pro, and the BRS 100W Titanium Aquarium Heater System - Wi-Fi. They all look pretty decent and as of right now I am leaning towards the Helio.


As for ATO I am looking at the Red Sea ATO +, TUNZE Osmolator 3155 Auto Top Off. I have a 2.5 gallon reservoir that should fit in the cabinet nicely.


So if anyone has experience, thoughts, ideas or warnings I am all ears.





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Between the three heaters you listed, I would personally choose the Helio - simply do to its smaller profile. I ultimately chose to go with an Eheim Jager, and although I have been pleased, it is rather bulky (long) in which I had to place in my return chamber horizontally  due to its size. You simply wouldn't have that problem with the IM Helio.   Good reviews on the the BRS titanium heater as well and it measures a little over 10 inches.


I have the tunze osmolator nano (3152), and I would highly recommend it. I do not have any personal experience with the 3155, but Tunze is a solid staple in the reefing community, and I think you will be pleased. The 3155 might be overkill for a 2.5g reservoir (and for the tank size in general).

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I too am using an Eheim Jager, mine is controlled with a Finnex heater controller for added peace of mind. Like Airedale mentioned, they are large. Mine is mounted at an angle in the center chamber so that it is fully submerged. For ATO I also use the 3152 and have not had any issues (this is my 2nd tank using this ATO), only potential downside is that it only uses a float switch which are prone to getting stuck with salt creep or critters. Just make sure to keep it clean and you should be fine. It also has an auto shut off built in so that it will only run for a certain amount of time before the safety shuts it off. 

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Mohawk Mafia

Thanks for the tips


I purchased the 3152 & the Helio. They should be here before the tank arrives and the room remodel is done. With any luck by next weekend I should have the tank up, rock and sand placed and starting the cycle process





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