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in a 6 gallon?


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Hi guys okay so today i woke up to find a load of pods living on my rocks. i was really suprised actually as there were so many of them and they had all just come out randomly over night. but when i turned the light on they all went and hid!:o

Any whoo i went to my lfs store today and bought some more nice live rock with loads of little corals etc on them... my question is,


would i get a clown and a firefish goby in a 6 gallon? i mean, so long as i get a good clean up crew and take out STRICT water changes, would this be okay?


i really dont want to over crowd the tank, but i really cant make my mind up about which one to go for as they are both so different. today, when i re-arranged and added more live rock i made a small cave for the firefish, but then i thought well no!- what if there needs to be more room for the clownfish to swim in? and then finally thought, if i was prepared to take out regular waterchanges, would i get away with both fish? IM greatfull for any advice, i know my question may sound like an annoying newbie question but im really stuck on this one!!! thanks, adam. :blush:

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I have a 6 gallon.. I personally wouldnt put 2 fish in it... then again my corals are my main concern... ive just read so many threads on here of fish wacking out smaller tanks... then again im just starting, not a expert... just my 02cents... :)

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Personally I would go for the Goby.... smaller fish and less bioload...



Originally posted by Wobach

so okay then, what fish out of the two would you go for?

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Thanks Heather,


do you think it would be possible to keep a clown and a goby thats smaller than a firefish? so long as i give them regular water changes and plenty of space? I love the idea of a nano reef but one thats perhaps a 12 gallon instead of a 6!!- hopefully ill be upgrading to a larger nano at christmas time! thanks, adam.


ps, what about a clown goby?

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hmmm, im not sure, i would like another small fish to keep the clown company, i would most probably be upgrading to a larger tank at christmas/newyear time. Im thinking about buying a via aqua, 11 gallon or 15 gallon. i dont know what the 15 gallon via aqua's measurements are though. Can you suggest a smaller fish that would be well suited with a clown? if i was to definatley upgrade to a larger tank at christmas do you think i would be okay with a juvenile clown and a baby firefish until then?


sorry im such a newbie, but hey! this is a begginers section after all!

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"why dont you just get the clown for now and add a goby after you have upgraded to the bigger tank."


That's a much better idea!!! I know the fish are for your enjoyment but try and think about the fish. IMO I wouldn't put any in a 6 gal because it would put a load on the tank what with feeding and fish POOP.... and you might wind up with an algae problem and also the fish would be a little cramped in such a small tank, I've had a 6 gal Eclipse since Aug 2003 and had no problems but also no fish...If you must have a fish go with Newbiecarlz's idea...or better yet just wait till you get a bigger tank


6 gal Eclipse

70 MH

2 1/2

20 watt Coralife Mini Compac

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Hhhheeeyyy! GOood idea!!!

okay so im gonna go for the clown for now... on friday i will start to setup at 45 gallon tank so when it comes to gettin a larger nano, i could put the clown in the 45 gallon. whilst the new nano is adapting and cycling.- this will be sometime after christmas of course.


actually thinking about it, would the sand, rock and water be enough to cycle the new nano in a couple of days? hmmm


6 gallon nano to a 15 gallon nano...??? :happy:

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