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AquaC Remora


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I have it for my 30g...best piece of equipment you can buy...aside from mh.


And get maxijet...more reliable than rio....


I didn't get drain fitting so dont know much about that. Great buy...if you want a skimmer...get that one. Jason Kim (the pres of remora) is also an outstanding guy who bends over backwards to please his customers.

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Great skimmer, bought it originaly with rio pump but upgraded to maxijet 1200 and was much quiter. Dont have the surface skimmer attachment, but I think I might get one. It supposedly increases the efficiency and you can also use it to put media in If you want. I was wondering if it will be an eye sore in my tank but the pump is there anyway. Highly recommended skimmer!

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I have a remora pro with the drain fitting and it's running off of an eheim 1250 pump. The overflow fitting is nice because I have the skimmer in a place where it isnt easy to change the collection cup.

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I have a remora w/mj1200 connected with a hagen surface skimmer over the 10G. Great skimmer, though it is my only one. true plug and play. Be forewarned, the mj pump takes a lot of real estate in a nano. uggglee. reefs.org had some comments on the difficulty of adjustment to the waterline with the prefilter so I opted to use a Hagen instead. Can't wait to make a UTR skimmer once I learn to cut a straight line in acrylic with the dremel!

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I have a Remora for sale. Used for 2 months then upgraded to a 90G. Asking $120 shipped. Cheapest I've seen on the net is $160 + shipping. I've had 5 or 6 people say they want it but nobody has come forward. First come, first serve.

Thanks, Bill

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hey no problem at all, I dont mind a bit. I actually ended up buying a remora at marinedepot... but (2 months later haha) I STILL dont have my tank set up, in fact im working on a closed loop recently. Sorry I cant help you with that, but I bought one because all I heard were positive things.

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Originally posted by Duke131

Sorry to resurrect and hijack your old thread, Shaz...  Did you get yourself the Remora?  How do you like it?  Thinking of trading up my SeaClone to this...

Good move.

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