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Sea Millipedes?!?!?!?


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I bought some LR at the LFS that had a white feather polyp on the rock. When i brought it home and placed it in my tank, a long sea millipede came out of a hole, there were also little baby sea millipedes. I was wondering if they were poisonous, i recall that millipedes were very poisonous. Does anyone know anything??

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Sounds like a bristle worm to me. Does it have bristles coming off the sides the full length of his body? If so, don't be worried about them. They are great at cleaning up detritus, and the occasional dead/dying fish;) . If you touch them the little bristles can get stuck in your hand much like fiberglass...iches and irritates but thats about it.

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Bristle worms, once they get big, are considered a real pest. Some companies even make little traps so you can get them out of your tank.


When they're little, shoreliner is right...they're ok. Still, you'll probably want to get them out at some point.



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