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Dead Astrea/Turbo


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Hello, Well, ever since sunday, my astrea has been slacking off and faling from the glass, i thought it was normal, and since tuesday ive set him right side up on some LR and he has not moved a centimeter. I am presuming he is dead because it looks like his whole body is tucked in his shell with a hard plate covering the opening?


The past few days i noticed my turbo looking real weak and when he was on the glass his mouth and feet were all crinkly and stuff,


this morning i found him on the sand bed upside down, i fliped em over and after about an hour and a half he moved up the galss a bit, now hes just laying on the sand with his body tucked in to his shell with a hard disc covering the opening


What the heck? these were my first few inhabitants, They were living in there for over 3 weeks. and just last week my turbo was going crazy and would not stop moving around eating algae and such, now, hes dead? I just bought another astrea on saturday also and he has been non stop feeding off the LR and glass,


in the tank i also have a peppermint and a cleaner shrimp.


When i got my inverts, what idid was have them float in the water for 15 minutes, then add about 1-2oz of water, wait 15, add 1-2 oz, 15 min, 1-2 oz, 15 min, 1-2 oz, then i waited 15 minutes, grabed them and set them on the LR,


Since sunday ive been having a diatom explosion and do not know what the heck is wrong and why they could have died?


I dont think it could be to my lighting since i just got it last week tuesday. the temp goes to about 83/84 during the day and 80 at night, they were all doing fine for the first 3 weeks,


did they not have enough food until now or what?


thank you for any input, also, i should remove them right? or wait til saturday to see if they move?

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