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Twin Spot Goby


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This past weekend I picked up a twin spot goby for the tank. I did my research and know what I should feed him, but I have question. I am afraid my pod population is not enough. He has totally gone through the sand (which is totally cool to watch) and that was after the first day. (He was in a tank in the LFS that had very little sand so the guy was prolly starving) He hasn't gotten smaller, in fact he looks like he has gotten a little bigger since getting him home. He is also picking at the live rock like crazy which has me thinking he is not getting enough food. I have been burying some frozen brine shrimp in the sand everymorning hoping that this would be enough for him. What does everybody else do. I can still see pods an the sand at night and the rock, but I am concerned it might not be enough. I reall love this fish he is so cool. In the morning I have seen him hovering above the lr in the open water with just the light from the fuge lighting the water and he looks totally sweet almost like something you would see in a movie right before it eats you. Any info would be appreciated. Jon

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this fish is truly beautiful.


is your still alive? (i hope so)


i gave it a try years ago, that's back in '97 (i lived in NYC then) and bought a mated pair of Twin Spot at New World Aquarium. it ended up being a failure. not only was i a true beginner but my tank was not the kind this delicate fish needs.

no sand to dig and no pod population yet.


i have always wanted to give it an other try.


i succesfuly kept a Mandarin (over a long period of time) in a homemade 25G tank using F. Marini receipe for breeding pods.


i am feeling like i should give an other try to this Twin Spot ;)


always heard they fare better when paired ...




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I kept one of these guys successfully by spot feeding him vitamin enriched brine shrimp and mysis shrimp from a small pipette! He just put his mouth around the pipe and started chugging in all the food. I did this 2-3 times a day though, he had a huge appetite. He died 6 months later due to velvet from a infected tank mate that was not QT'd for the full 4 weeks (cut it short by one week). IF you can get one to eat like this, you must give it high quality food. Its nutritional requirements are very high.

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