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At 1 and a half weeks...


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Hi guys, okay so the initial algae blooms been going on for around 4 days now.

i added live rock and sand on the first day, and the cycle seems to be in progress, although i havent taken a test for two days, the cycle could be nearing its end. I have discovered more life!!!! a tiny blue tube-worm! i was so excited over such a small thing... it is so fast at going into its little tube- sometimes even the current startles it! my question is, will i be able to add a few snails soon? i have seen one roming around the tank twice, and i was just wondering... i have read the faq tread about adding clean up crews, and it says to wait three weeks... but i have hell of alot of deterius that needs eating and hell of alot of algae... also, the guy at my lfs said to wait a week then add the clean up crew and then wait another week then add the fish, depending on whether or not the cycle had finished by then. I believe my closed zoo's may have died?- they seem floppy and weak and almost at the stage where they appear to just fall off? :o :*(


so!- is my coral dead?

- can i add any inital livestock?

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heather, theres a piccy on the tanks photo section- not a very good one or even close to the coral, but u can see that the brown algae has grown all over it.

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