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GSP Help me please


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i bought the GSP as my first coral about two weeks ago.


It opened up within hours after i put it into the tank and was very bright and colourful for the first three/four days.


After this however it started to open less polyps each day and eventually none came out at all.


i tested the water and all seemed fine but i did a 10% water change to be sure.


The puple base is starting to get little white bits on it and today i noticed a single polyp hanging out, it had no colour and was looking very small and thin.


I have just moved it and directed the flow away as i read the flow shouldnt be directly on them.


I have also added a small cluster of mushroom corals since and they are doing great.


The GSP have been closed for around eight days now, what should i do??:*(

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i just got my first gsp 1 week ago. mine didn't open at a for 3 days or so. Soon enough it styarted opening. finally today i see most of the colony open, but nothing like it was in the guys tank i bought it from. i have read the gsp take a long time to get "comfortable"

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I recently bought a small frag of GSPs and zoos from a member here but they got really cold during shipping. I went ahead and placed them into my tank hoping they'd be ok. Now, nearly 2 weeks later, I'm only starting to see all of my polyps opening on the zoos. The GSP frag only ever shows but a few polyps at a time (but they vary their location on the frag). I'm hoping that in another few days or so I will start to see ALL the polyps as they were before I bought them.


Guess they can really take a long time to get comfortable if they were ever really uncomfortable.

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well thats the thing, mine came out really early and were fine for a few days.


now i just started to get really worried after i saw a kind of dead looking polyp hanging out.


also the purple base is starting to get very small patches of white stuff growing on it, what could this be?

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