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I shut down my first SW tank about 5 years ago. Main reason, I rushed it and things went south quickly. I didn't cure the rock, I didn't cycle it properly and generally speaking, I had no clue what I was doing. Anyway, after that failure I went back to the basics, starting with a 30 l FW planted tank. I did a lot of research and I decided to follow the Dark start method. Took me 4 months to cycle it and then I added as many plants as possible. Furthermore, I tried to introduce as much beneficial bacteria and microorganisms as possible. I even collected some sediment from a nearby spring to seed it. Long story short, the ugly stage (diatoms, GHA and then Cyano) lasted about 6-7 weeks. Then it was like on auto-pilot. I didn't even had to clean the glass. I got bored doing nothing. So I abandoned it. All I did was topping it up with tap water and feeding the fish. I thought that it would be full of algae or cyano in a matter of weeks. Nope! That little water box kept on going for 8 months without any issues.

I consider that a success. And that's my plan for this nano reef tank. 

All I have at the moment is an empty tank on a cabinet, an empty sump, 5 kg of dead reef rock and 1 kg of Marco base rock.

Things I've ordered:

  1. Caribsea Arag-alive special grade 9 kg
  2. Instant Ocean Salt 4 kg
  3. ⌀20mm PVC pipe 2,5 m 
  4. ⌀32mm PVC pipe 2,5 m
  5. Jebao VAP-2500 return pump
  6. U shaped Acrylic pipes for the Overflow box

Things I'm going to need:

  1. Patience and...
  2. PVC fittings (bulkheads, elbows, unions, etc)
  3. Acrylic sheets to build the Overflow box and the sump baffles 
  4. A temperature controller with a heater
  5. A Wifi Power strip
  6. Filter media


I forgot to mention, the cabinet is on wheels!

cabinet01.thumb.jpg.77fa4398584ecaa4403c0d7716bbddfe.jpg cabinet002.thumb.jpg.f4e24e99d3883af3a1741244ee405c1a.jpg




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