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Hi y'all,

Over Easter I finally got back into saltwater after about half a year away from the salty side. I currently have been keeping freshwater for the whole 12 years I have been in the hobby. On the freshwater side I specialize in botanical method aquariums that focus on replicating the natural habitats of fishes with the addition of botanicals and tannin-stained waters at times. Now I can't have tannin-stained waters in a saltwater (to my knowledge) but I do know I can have botanicals in the form of mangrove leaves in a saltwater aquarium. So with this project I will be adding in a few leaves from yellow and red mangroves to add that natural touch and as a bit of an experiment. I am really trying to focus on keeping this as natural as possible so expect lots of browns and greens also microalgae, mud, and "pests" to an extent.

FTS 4/10/23:


-UNS 25c (Coming soon!)
-ONF Nano+
- Dymax SF-120
- 25W Archaea heater with Inkbird controller
- Duetto ATO with 1G Reservoir
- Custom Target wood plant stand

- MarinePure Gems
- 6lbs TBS rock (Coming Soon!)
-3lbs TBS live sand
- AquaClear 30
- .5 gallon weekly water change

-Tiger Goby (Coming soon!)

Wishlist Inverts-

  • Amphipods
  • Chitons
  • Copepods
  • Dwarf Ceriths
  • Dwarf Planaxis
  • Marginella Snails
  • Micro Brittlestars
  • Money Cowrie
  • Stomatella Snails
  • Zig zag Periwinkles

- Crabs

  • Blue/Green Porcelain Crabs
  • Decorator crabs
  • Mime Crabs

- Misc.

  • Cluster Duster
  • Short Codium
  • (Possible) Flat Tree Oysters

Wishlist Coral-

  • Caribbean palythoa
  • Gorgonian of some type

Future Goals
Moving forward I plan to upgrade my tank to a UNS 25c which is a nice 4 gallon cube tank that will fit the stand perfectly. Speaking of the stand, I hope when I go home for the summer I can add a couple more support bars on the sides and back of the stand to help stabilize it a bit. I also hope to add in some side paneling and a door to just make it look a bit cleaner to me. Lastly I will put another shelf at the base of the stand so I can use this current tank as the ATO reservoir inside the stand.

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