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Glass thickness safety factor


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I am currently in the process of building a Rimless shallow lagoon with dimensions 1200mm/500mm/350mm l/w/h.
The tank is build from 8mm opti white glass with premium quality highest DIN silicone with 2mm joints.
According to online calculators the safety factor for 8mm glass at 340mm water level is 9.5 and 10.4 for 330mm water level.
I know this is a high safety factor,but I wonder if these calculators are for freshwater aquariums and whether they consider the flow factor in reef tanks and the length of 120cm.
However, in this aquarium there will be between 10000-15000l flow from wavemakers.
I wonder to what extent this flow exerts pressure on the glasses, or is absorbed by the silicone seam....
On the one hand, I know that the aquarium should be fine at this height.On the other hand, I notice that most Rimless aquariums on the net with similar sizes are made of 10 mm glass.
Did I make a mistake that I saved 60 euros for 10mm glass , or is everything fine?
Thanks :)

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Flow pumps produce ultra low-velocity water flow, so no worries.


If you're employing wave makers – by which I mean a device that will produce an actual wave in the tank such as the Tunze 6208 Wave Box – then I still doubt there's much need for concern since you aren't likely to make a significant wave.  But you could probably calculate some things based on the size of your wave box (the usually design for making actual waves) and it's exact operation.   If you asked Tunze (assuming you're gonna use their gear to make the wave), they might even have some numbers or at least guidance on the topic.


I don't know about the numbers in general for glass thickness, etc.  You may even want to refer back to the adhesive manufacturer for guidance on that.  If it's recommended for aquarium use, it's probably (hopefully) been tested by them.

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