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Jaffa’s 5G

- Jaffa -

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- Jaffa -

Started a little 5G build this week for the office bedroom…




Tank : Dennerle Nano Cube 20 (22L)

Light : TMC Reef Photon

Filter : Seachem Tidal 35 (TBC)

Wavemaker : TMC Reef Flow 1000

Heating / Cooling : D-D Temp Controller with 50W Heater and Dual Cooling Fan

Auto-Top Off : Reef Float Custom + Custom Acrylic Container (TBC)

Doser : Jebao 4 Channel Dosing Pump (running all for reef, K+ elements, phytoplankton, and Red Sea AB+)


Currently just got the tank started with 3lbs of crushed marco rock mixed with 3lbs of miracle mud, along with some small liverock pieces from my nano. Waiting on 4lbs of branching liverock, and then it’ll be fully started…

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- Jaffa -



Obligatory can for scale and to show my nationality... 


Thrown in a few small frags and macro-algae to get going. Simple green cloves, daisy polyps, fire & ice zoas, blueberry fields zoas, pinnogorgia sp., green star polyps, a milky way discosoma, miami hurricane zoas, dragons breath algae, and some caulerpa prolifera...


I've pretty much decided on the stocking and how I'd like to run the tank... aiming to do some kind of mangrove/lagoon style with a nice mixture of interesting inverts, fish, plants and corals. Got a lot of inspiration from this forum!



- Bluestripe Pipefish (Pair)

- Trimma sp. (Pair)



- Anemone Crab

- Squat Lobster

- Money Cowrie

- Nassarius sp. (x2)

- Miniature Conch

- Bubblebee Snail (x2)

- Anemone Shrimp (Pair)

- Rockflower Anemone (x5)

- Blackfoot Trochus (x2)

- Bali Red Leg Hermits (x2)



- Red Mangrove (x2)

- Caulerpa profilera

- Dragons Breath

- ...TBC...



- Green Clove Polyps

- Daisy Polyps

- Pinnogorgia sp.

- Green Star Polyps

- Fire + Ice Zoas

- Miami Vice Zoas

- Blueberry Fields Zoas

- Milky Way Discosoma

- ...TBC LPS and Softies from my Red Sea Reefer Nano which is now mainly going SPS...


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- Jaffa -

Got the "Indonesian" live rock I wanted in the tank (it was collected in Indonesia...but comes from a vat the lfs that I work part time in and has been there since the early 2000s). Also got another 40kg/88lbs of it for my next big project...


Also added a bumblebee snail, two pointed turbos, two Bali red leg hermits, and a little nassarius.


Took these photos as I got up to start studying while the lights came on...









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