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Coral identification help


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this type of coral?. I bought a Rock with GSP growing on it, and I noticed at the end of the rock there's a brown  part, I thought it was a dead coral just encrusted on the rock, when I was dipping the rock and cleaning it I touched that brown part and it felt just like rock, so I brushed it with a tooth brush. After I put it in my tank, I noticed that brown part started to peel a little, so I thought it was normal. Then a few days after I was using the magnifier on my phone and I zoomed in to that brown part of the rock and it seems very alive with some clear polyps growing on it. I have been searching and try to identify it, but I didn't have any luck.

Here are some pictures.



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32 minutes ago, mcarroll said:

Cyphastrea or maybe Turbinaria?


Not too sure!!

I think you are right on the Turbinaria, just checked a few pictures, and the polyps and shape matches really well with the one in my tank. Thank you

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