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Cultivated Reef

Trying to species ID these acros


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I've tried CotW, couldn't manage these.  But Veron is the definitive source for me... should be for everyone.  A BYOG acro finder in thhe same vein as the coral finder would be grat, but the CF 2022 is only genus level.  (also it's 2022,  the guides ought to be apps)

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by no mean definitive, but would be a good start on your search 
1. Looks like Pink Floyd type growth, try a. divaricata?

2. garf bonsai kinda look, forgot the species linked to it, but the internet will probably tell ya

3. looks like a tenuis type at first, then noticed individual corallites are actually protruding out (full round corallites, vs the fish scale look). So I’d suggest starting at a. tortuosa 

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2 is a bonsai looking thing colour wise, which is normaly valida, but the growth pattern looks different.  #3 does look kinda tort-y doesn’t it.  But the coralites seem far more evenly spaced than my other tort…


you may well have nailed #1


e: i’m coming around on 3 being some kind of weird tort.

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Just an added thought: It's really hard to use growth structure to pin down an ID from a tank-grown specimen.  since our tank environment vary greatly, both from tank to tank and definitely vastly from the ocean native habitat of the corals, it makes it very hard to use the shape and form developed in the tank alone.  Because their shape and form is adapted based on their 'ideal' habitat.  which in your tank, they're just adapting to your light and flow - and not to mention parameters consistency - whatever you're giving them.  


for #3, I had a cali tort with that tight cluster of coralites before, just can't seem to dig far enough for a pic in my old thread.  there are a lot of non-tenuis and non-millie acros in the hobby that might land in the microclados and divaricata or their relatives. 

Also, on this page, Therman (and I?) talked about the 3 related Millie-like acros - Millepora, Prostrata, and Spathulata.  

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