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Weekly Widget-- An Unofficial, Budget TOTM


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Since TOTM as been discontiued indefinitly, I think it would be cool if the community got together to make something similar happen, or at least give it a try. 

So, here's the idea: 

We do a weekly version which will be in a sort of "News flash" style. Instead of necessarily  focusing on a specific tank we focus on a undertaking. It could be a tank, a breeding project, a unique expirance whith a specifc coral, or something similar which fits the general theme. A possible outline for each WW, if I may be so bold, is depicted below.


-Picture which captures a particaulr weeks topic. For example, if the topic was breeding sun coral, it would be a picture of a suncoral-

1. A gerneral recap of the undertaking. It would be short, not more then a hundred or so words. 

2. A particular point to which the writer contribues its success. Not more then three sentances or so

3. A pro tip. Ideally related to the topic; however, it wouldn't have to be. It doesn't have to be original, but does have to be unique. For example, it could not be doing weekly waterchanges as that would be too generic and likely repetitive. 

-assorted pictures (optional)-


So, would anyone be interested? 

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We've been discussing the topic here: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/212216-monthly-reef-profile-totm-nominations/page/69/#comment-6085616


1 hour ago, NatureGuy said:

Since TOTM as been discontiued indefinitly

I know that it's been awhile, but I'm not sure that @Christopher Marks has permanently discontinued TOTM.  He seemed open to the idea of a TOTM without the background article (which takes a lot of time to do right).  Before we do anything, I'd like to hear from Chris himself, if he doesn't intend to do some form of TOTM anytime in the future.  But that's just my thoughts.

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After thinking about your idea about a featured undertaking.  I was wondering about a thread (like the TOTM nominations), where people nominate an interesting thread (could be a tank journal, DIY project, article, experiment, etc).  It could just be a running thread where people post a link to a thread that they find particularly interesting.  We wouldn't have to have any winners, it'd be more like a recommended reading list. :unsure:

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