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emerald crab in 5g


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As title. I LOVE emerald crabs, not sure why, and would love to add one to my tank. But it's only 5g (less, if you think about water displacement by rock/sand etc...) and I'm very doubtful that such a space is adequate for a crab. What do others think? I'm erring towards saying no, the tank isn't large enough, personally. 

Thank you:)

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My 1st reaction is that I wouldnt think twice about adding one to 5g.  Maybe I'm wrong?  Mine hangs out 90% of the time on the bottom front 6" of rock in my 10g, waiting for any stray food that tends to get swept there by the current. 

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I put one in my 5g and she seemed to do just fine. Great little algae eater. You can sex them and females stay smaller. 

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I have one in a 5.5 gallon (multiple times) to take care outbreaks (one quite severe) of green hair algae.  


After I got the algae back under control, I took it back to the local fish store.  They are prone to eating corals (in some instances) so I didn't want to risk it.  

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