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Please Help - Need Some Cycling Advise

King Detritus

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On 1/14/2023 at 8:15 PM, King Detritus said:

Just jumping back in here for a quick tank update. I've been testing nitrite every day with the API test kit. It's sitting at around .5 to 1 ppm. It's a little hard to tell. Edit: Also tested nitrate. There's definitely some present, but it's below 5 ppm. So I guess that nitrite is slowly processing and definitely trending down. 


If anybody has any recommended test kits, I'd appreciate it. I know Hanna makes good ones. I purchased the salinity tester but the screen broke almost instantly when I tried to put the battery. I'll probably stay away from that one, but might consider getting the nitrate or phosphate kit eventually. Also, looking to get an ATO soon.


Thanks to everybody for the comments, suggestions, and encouragement!


@Tamberav Thanks for sharing for your experience. I appreciate it. I hear you, maybe I should be testing so much and trusting nature to do her thing!


Thanks again. I spent about a week playing with the rocks, breaking them up, and of course exposing them back to together. Lots of good videos on YouTube by BRS TV, the late great Jake Adams, and surprising enough the Queen of Reef has some decent scaping videos. I like natural scapes and the rock on the right has a circle arch the fish can eventually swim through.


@Tired I understand that. I'm going to run filter floss on the left and bio on the right to prevent that. I will likely remove some out to make way for carbon or GFO. I have another tank that I may set up as quarantine or to cycle the remaing dry rock at some point. I figured I'd move some bio over there and be better off for it.


@Tired I've heard the algae comment before on videos I've watched. I have left the light off all this time and only turn it on when working on the tank or the photo I posted because I really like looking at the tank! I plan to feed the pods with phyton until the system is growing enough to feed the whole CUC.


@mcarroll Understood. Like I said before I understand this overkill. I described above partly why I did it. Also I figured the ones in the tank could support more pod life. Any tips for increasing bio diversity in the tank?


@mcarroll I said the 50% water change because I was concerned with the nitrites. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry so much, as long the tank can cycle ammonium and the nitrates don't go crazy. 


@mcarroll Thanks. I'll add one more. I'd like this tank be as much of a sustaining ecosystem as possible, which is why I want to add pods.


@seabass Music to my ears! LOL. Seriously, I did think it was a little rock light at 11lbs.


@seabass This is helpful. Thanks.


@seabass Based upon the feed back received, I'm abandoning the idea of adding more. I had it on hand in case I did that, or as a boost when I added the first fish. Sounds like overkill for what I'm doing.

I have seen recently via Dr Tim where tankd cycle very well and show little to no nitrite.   I have the Hanna salinty meter, and also nitrate and like them both.   As far as ammonia and some other most suggest salifert over API.   

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King Detritus

Quick update. I stopped by the LFS and picked up a tiny blue legged hermit crab. Sorry for the crappy pic - I need some new gear! He's a little smaller than a dime. So far, he's doing great and has been in there over a week now. He hides a lot unless I feed him,  so nothing too exciting. I dropped in copepods the other day. Still thinking about the next add which may be a snail, shrimp, or coral. Slowly, but surely this nano reef us coming alive. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions!


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Look at the lil guy! Make sure to pick up some empty shells in a variety of larger sizes, so he can change into those as he grows.

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