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I am designing a DIY all in one nano tank. This is my first time designing a nano tank (in fact any tank for that matter). It is mish mash of ideas I came across while researching online. I am planning to keep a couple of clown fish and perhaps a pair of mandarin fish with a whole bunch of LPS and soft corals. I would like to include an area for a protein skimmer (I am using an existing one hence the size of the section for the skimmer is fixed). I would also like to include a refugium to grow and harvest copepods. I appreciate your comments and advice on my design. Many thanks.


Many thanks,

Nano Tank.png

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A refugium integrated into a nano tank will provide copepods for snacks, not anywhere near the volume required to feed a single mandarin. Let alone two. You'd need an additional refugium the size of the entire tank to have any shot at enough copepods for one mandarin. They're gorgeous fish, but not really suitable for nano tanks, 


What protein skimmer are you using? If it's going to fill that entire space, that's a massive skimmer for that size tank. You may not need a protein skimmer at all, and you certainly won't need one that occupies, what, 20% of the floorspace? 


It might look a bit odd to have those two projections for the equipment area. If you like the idea, go for it, but I have a feeling there's a reason you typically see the equipment area separated off by a single flat panel.

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So you have a rather large skimmer in mind seems like?  They definitely aren't necessary, but I wonder if I a smaller one would be better so you can have a larger refugium area?  

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Tell us about why you're going DIY instead of a premade AIO system. There are so many out there at various price ranges. 


There is no legend on your diagram. What are the units? mm? 


The wavemaker will be on the front glass? Is that correct? Perhaps that one could be reconsidered for good viewing. 


Missing from diagram: 

- Dosing lines

- Auto top off line and level

- Filter socks or mechanical filteration area Or filte sock


What volume are you looking to achieve in the display and sump? 


Manderines in a nano typically require an external live food source, perhaps you already have all this lined up? 


Sorry for all the questions. More info is needed!


Hope that helps.

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