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New Pico Reef - Pisces 3G


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Hi all!

I am here to journal my journey. 

I’m fairly new to owning, but my parents always maintained their own growing up. I was very limited in space but still loved the idea of having a reef tank, so my dad bought me an Aqua Top 3G Pisces Bowfront tank AIO. So far I’ve added a heater and have it cycling for a while.
Unfortunately, I had a power outage that knocked due to the winter freeze during Christmas and caused my tank to dip to 68 degrees 😩. My shrimp and snail luckily survived. But my Rasta zoa isn’t looking good. At all. 

Ultimately, I don’t have a set plan for the tank just yet. But I’m thinking of just adding LPS and Zoas. I’m super open to any suggestions or advice. 

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My dad gave me some frags from his tank! The hammers are huge! So I’ll have to figure what to do with those later. But I’m obsessed already. I really want incorporate more zoas. 




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