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Repair options for Nanobox Tide and Duo


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Hello all, 


On my exit from saltwater during 2019, I had gave my nanobox tide and duo to someone who was starting their reef tank up, unfortunately their lives were a bit too busy for the tank and they broke down the tank a few months ago. 


Well, they reached out to me to ask if I wanted the nanobox lights back and I was very excited to get them, as Im dipping my feet back into saltwater again!


unfortunately, I noticed a few problems once I brought them back, and Ill list them here, these issues weren't there before. 



RB LEDs just wont turn on however I adjust the pins, 

White/Lime LEDs flicker excessively and have a weak output. 

heavy corrosion where the gooseneck attaches to the light's box. 

a crack in the splash guard with a small hole. 



was unable to test LEDs in detail as plugging it in created bad smell immediately! I was able to see the imp card led show connected and the LEDs turn on, but not long enough to see if all leds were firing.

I opened the box to see what was happening, looks like it catches on fire for a moment when the power plug is inserted, very spooky. 

heavy corrosion where the gooseneck attaches to the light's box. 

corrosion where the PSU would connect to the box. 



it seems like these may need to be thrown away at this point and it was sad to see the condition on them. I wanted to reach out to Dave regarding possible repairs as each unit does seem to have parts in working order, especially the tide. but it looks like he isnt active anymore and the site is entirely gone at this point. 



TL;DR would anyone know if Dave is still active in repairing these units, is there anyone doing repairs on these, or are these a lost cause? 



thanks in advance!

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Ive enjoyed working on nanobox products. No, I'm not into repairing anyone lights. But Im willing to bet someone on here is a tinker like I am and has the time to work on them. 


Sounds like mostly a corrosion issue. Maybe a simple disassembly and cleaning and reassembly might be in order. 


I believe all the components except the light puks heatsink and shells are readily available. 


Best of luck. Without looking at them Id say they arent a lost cause, but if you arent comfortable tinkering with them, dont. If youre into tinkering, they're already not working, so whats the harm.

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I can see if I have any spare parts. Not sure exactly what you need tho. Idk if you are a DIY type. 

This guy fixes reef stuff. You could contact him and ask about your fixtures. He fixed my apex and turn around was fast. I can say he is legit business. 





FYI, the goosenecks getting rust is a normal occurrence as the wrap doesn’t go all the way down. You could maybe take steel wool to it then paint over it with that popular reef safe spray paint (name escapes me) or something to make it look nicer. 

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Sapling, I also have some parts if you need. 

I have two unused pucks (mounted on a heatsink), driver, mini blue fish, etc. let me know if I can help. 


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