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Stocking a 12g JBJ


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It's already been about a month, and in about another week I plan on getting fish. Everything for the most part seems to have stablized, and the clean up crew seems to be fine (although the Cleaner and Peppermint Shrimp get along fine one moment, and are picking on eachother the next).


In terms of fish, here's what I'm thinking:

A pair of False Percula Clowns, small tank-raised together

1 bi-color blenny


Should this be fine?


Also, I know this is the fish forum, but if anyone could comment on how long I should wait to get corals, and what I could get with the stock 24w lighting, or an easy upgrade for more lighting if neccessary, I'd appreciate it, so I don't have to do multiple posts.




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Well, the bi-color blennies at the LFS weren't colorful at all this time (they had just sold the last one with good color), but they ahd firefish in, which the usually don't have so I got 2 false percs and a firefish.


Also, another LFS had 40% off all their salt water fish and corals, so I picked up 2 small pollyp frags for $6 each. Everything else there was still way too expensive, because they overcharge for everything there (False Percs $40 each normally, True Percs $30 each normally, before the 40% off).

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3 fish is pushing the bioload for that small of a tank. I'd say keep it to 2 fish. IMO, you should only have one small fish but that's an argument we don't need to get into.

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That's really helpful Duke, especially after I already got the fish. Especially when I posted this 5 days before. Ah well. They seem to be doing fine now...


I might be upgrading to the 24 Gallon cube when it comes out, and am wanting info on how hard it would be to move stuff from the current 12 gallon to the 24 gallon, and other issues with it, but that's for another thread....

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