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Anemone crab question


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I have had my porcelain anemone crab for nearly a month now, and he's spent most of that time hanging out in a particular crevice that he has claimed. In the last week or so since he's stopped being nervous about me and realised I provide food, he gets very excited when I feed the tank and will accept pieces of frozen food from the tongs or coral feeder.


Tonight when I fed them, he walked all the way across the tank to the far side looking for more pieces - is he just feeling confident or is this a sign he's not getting enough to eat and desperate for more? He has molted since I've had him.

The tank is about 10 gallons; I feed 5 drops of phyto every evening, as well as either about 5-6 NLS pellets or ~1/4 frozen cube. The inhabitants are 2 blue leg hermits, 3 Nass snails, the porcelain, and 6 dwarf ceriths.

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Could be either thing, could be he'd gotten enough to eat but wanted more anyway. Try target-feeding him larger meals, see how much you can feed before he actually stops accepting it. They'll take surprisingly big pieces, since they can fold a meal up in their little fans to hold onto. 

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