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Missing hermit crab


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Last week I was cleaning my tank while my hermit was hiding (I assume getting ready to shed) and I knocked his shell, gently but it moved position, I haven’t seen him at all for at least a week which is longer than usual and I can’t see any sign of him in his shell, is it possible he’s just really deep in there or is it likely he died and the nassarius snails ate him? No she’d had appeared and he hasnt moved shell or anything 



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2 minutes ago, fishkeepersaltnfresh said:

Maybe he has changed his shell... I have not seen my blue legged hermit since the day i have put him in....

I have looked at the other shells and they haven’t moved and also appear empty, do you think it would bother him if I picked him up to have a look?

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picked the shell up and some broken pieces of shed came out but can’t tell if this is just the shed or if he’s dead as I can’t see anything in the shell, not sure how deep they can get in the shell



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8 minutes ago, fishkeepersaltnfresh said:

looks like he has moved onto a new home...

Oh no! There weren’t any other shells near him and the other shells in the tank appear untouched- so I assume that means he’s dead? 😞 there’s been no ammonia spike and all other parameters are the same as usual - shall I leave the shell in just incase or remove so nothing happens to parameters?

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