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Thining of building a new tank...need ideas

Blind Tree Frog

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Blind Tree Frog

NOTE: This entire thread started with a question I new an answer too and became a brainstorming session... so please feel free to add ideas to it.




To start with, I like the set up I have now and it should work for me fine for a while, so let me lay it out first.


Currently I have:

10 gallon aquarium

AC500 and Whisper Junior HOB filters acting as refuges and circulation

Coralife's 96W quad PC.


and that's it. Heater, thermometer, 20lbs of live rock... not much too it. I really like it to. It's fairly simple and should work. The inside of the tank is clean for the most part. 2 intakes hang down, a magfloat and a thermometer are the only unnatural items in there.


But really, I know the tank could be a bit better. Ten gallons are cheap, so i could just buy a new one and tint the back or something and switch everything over. Siphon the water and move the rocks while it flows. Grab the corals, Gamma, snails and crabs and put them in a temp container until i shovel the sand over. Shouldn't take more then 30 minutes. But if I'm going to do it, I might as well do something more interesting, so I'm toying with the idea of doing an homemade acrylic.


If I do that, I'd probably make it roughly the same size as the 10, but a bit longer (as long as the light will allow) and put a false back in so I can add an overflow chamber. Problem would be that i would need to add pumps then for circulation.. unless I change the false back from being open on top to being capped like the below image. That actually would probably work pretty well.


Anyhow, like I said above, by the third paragraph this just became a brainstorming session while I think of ideas, so feel free to toss in more.



(Image not to scale)

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I'm not sure what you are going for. What is the reason for switching tanks? Are you going for a natural look without a lot of support equipment or just tired of the tank the way it is?

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