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DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - Shut down..!


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Hello there,


It's been a while, but I have the courage to start again.


I use the Blue Marine 60 tank this time, with two pieces of Caribbean live rock and my Asaqua Aquanest light which I've used before.


FTS 2023-01-03












I want to keep it low-tech and with a natural look and some nice corals. Just let's see how it goes this time.


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  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) 'single rock'-project

No live rock(s) today. Got a 'chunk of stone' from my lfs that I'm not happy with.


The guy from the lfs is going to the importer next week and hopefully brings a better piece of live rock. For now the tank will only run with salty water. 🌊💧1882265111_IMG_20221020_1543574603.thumb.jpg.ee483a25461fbe43a497dedc8a408da7.jpg

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  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - No live rock yet.. :(
9 minutes ago, debbeach13 said:

That's unfortunate. Hopefully the next rock will be a keeper.

I think I've made it pretty clear to the seller what I'm looking for, so I'm confident. Just that annoying waiting...

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Nothing better than fresh uncured live rock! Very happy with the two pieces I got.888418266_IMG_20221025_194911569_edited2.thumb.jpeg.9763e66258d4182a5e2af2fc96dd7b5c.jpeg


For my normal do a very conservative styling, but maybe that's also good for the natural look.

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  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - Fresh Caribbean live rock, yeah!
11 hours ago, kimdawg said:

I love the rock scape.  It has perfect places to add corals.  Just make sure you can get a scraper between the rock and tank on the left side.

Thanks, I feel the same, the scape really makes sense. The first zoa's were added yesterday and hopefully more additions tomorrow.


I have a very small scraper which just fits in between, so no problems there. 🙂

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Very happy with my first corals, a really nice double toadstool, about 8 different zoa's (Pink Diamond, Gorilla Nipples, Blow Pops, Eagle Eyes), some green mushrooms, one brown/orange Ricordea mushroom and frags of Hystrix and green Montipora 'to try'.


Now move on with the brown phase and hopefully the corals will survive. 🙂2089132949_IMG_20221108_171950520_edited2.thumb.jpeg.8d747bc13e3dd4d831fb5bbb567e5ac4.jpeg

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Things go pretty well. 🙂



Added Sunny D's, Clavularia and a green Kenya tree. I also 'upgraded' the (return)pump, that is now a EHEIM CompactON 300. It is quiet and works fine for this tank.

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  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - First corals added!

Got myself some fancy pancy Halle Berry zoa's. 😋 They seem to acclimate quickly. And a nice small feather duster as an extra.2129341257_IMG_20221118_173851696_edited4.thumb.jpeg.091d65b808349395f393e8b92470353d.jpeg


And my humble green Kenya tree that grows more beautiful every day. 🙂1384766194_IMG_20221118_174017302_edited2.thumb.jpeg.afe2e7e9d0cf9a799fd448d24695da56.jpeg

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  • 2 weeks later...

A slightly different approach with more depth and a more natural look. A little less 'controlled' and that's what I like. And I dusted off my old Asaqua Aquanest light again. 😋476104761_IMG_20221202_150217956_edited2.thumb.jpeg.2dbd84291aab4e4babe5574fce251461.jpeg

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  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - Ongoing improvements

Got my first inverbrate (yellow underline), a red/purple acan (purple) and and I still have room for a tall growing species (green underlined) that can tolerate quite a bit of current. Tips are welcome. 🙂 1863212654_IMG_20221205_170920689_edited2.thumb.jpeg.eca8d67f9c7417cdbce7d8f7df9b5103.jpeg

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It's still a 'work in progress', but at least there is progress.



Hopefully a Rainfordi goby or small wrasse in the next week(s). 🙂

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  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - Work In Progress :)
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Things go pretty well. A bit green algae and red stuff on the sand, but that's in control. And I added a six-line wrasse. :)253977056_IMG_20230113_130422883_edited2.thumb.jpeg.0f8f92a6ba904dd26d06903ec7beecd0.jpeg

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There's a chance that I will upgrade to a larger tank soon. I have my eye on a blue marine reef 90 (about 23.5 gallon). 🙂


I still aim for this picture, someday. It's my vision of the ultimate natural look in a tank.


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  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - Bigger, is better?
  • DNR88 changed the title to DNR88's Blue Marine 60 (16g) - Shut down..!

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