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Marineland Portrait 5 vs Fluval Evo V


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Hey everyone! 

I’m new here, decided to start a nano reef as my first venture into saltwater, I have had freshwater aquariums in the past. Don’t have the space/money for a larger setup, so I’m looking into either the Marineland Portrait 5 or Fluval Evo V and having trouble deciding between the two.


Im in the research phase, and will be for a while, I have a lot to learn. But I’m leaning towards a pulsing Xenia dominant (or only) setup with a single fish and a small cuc. I’m still researching other soft corals that are beginner friendly.

In your experiences which tank is the better all in one system and in what ways? I will be upgrading the stock pump, and I’m willing to make small modifications as well.

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Hi welcome to nano reef. I haven't owned a Marineland portrait 5 so I cannot compare the two tanks. There are journals on both styles here at NR so that should make your research easier. I did have a Fluval Evo V there is a link to that journal in my signature. "I am not a contestant" I had a lot of fun with that tank. I am sure you can have a great pico with either one.



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