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skimmer's most effective time


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i heard rumors that skimmers work best right after light turn on and right after lights turn off.

this true?


or is it when lights off skimmers are most effective?

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I would think it would be best during the night since the temp drop increases water tension. Ive found ive skimmed more stuff out during those times.

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there's more activity (e.g. spawnings, defecating, feedings) at night so very likely the skimmer is working 'harder' then.


efficiency depends mostly on the cleanliness of the skimmer, specifically the cone/lead-in ime. i clean it twice a week at least.


contaminants will obviously affect surface tension and efficiency like phatmike noted as well (but with temp, i don't know about that instance tho).

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I would just reccomend to keep it on and empty it everyday, inorder to keep highest effienecy. And even if it might be more effective at night, it would be better to just keep it on all the time and get more over a 24 hour period instead of a 12 hour period.

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It will depend on the inhabitants of your tank, the lighting cycle (this is also effected by reverse or 24/7 photoperiod refugiums), your dosing (many phyto and iodine additives, for example, have water tension disruptors added to prevent their immediate removal by a skimmer after being added), and the overall parameters (mostly pH it seems) of your water. pH drops overnight (reverse photosynthesis by macros and corals) disrupt the surface tension of water...causing the skimmer to clear of bubbles. This phenomenon is one of the major reasons why timed skimming (you might want to do this if you bought say...a skimmer rated for 100gallons for a 20g) doesnt work as well as 24/7.

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Dr. Saltwater

I clean a skimmer every single day. It works out that it skims 10% more than when I clean it once or twice a week.


Skimmers work harder at night, more things happen in the tank than you'll ever know :)

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