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30 gallon stocking


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Hi there just looking to get some opinions or options. I have a 30 gallon cube with



1 occellaris clown juvi (about an inch long) I had to remove the other one due to increasing one sided aggression

1 royal gramma


3 hermits

1 emerald crab

1 peppermint shrimp


Once the tank mates more I will add a diamond goby and I am looking for suggestions for a final fish or pair. My lfs was pushing me towards a wrasse but I am looking for something peaceful to add. I was also thinking maybe a top swimming fish since the gramma stays near the bottom half, and the the goby will be on the sand. 


Any suggestions would be great thanks!

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1 minute ago, LazyFish said:

Diamond gobies are a pain they dig constantly and are very messy will pile up sand and cover corals also try to dig under rock structures.

I know but it's the one fish my gf really wants. I'm giving my tank time to mature so they don't starve and I guess I'll have to avoid corals on the sand.

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