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Oceanic 30g - First Reef


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Just dumping some pictures of my tank journey so I can keep a log for the future (figured it would be fun to look back in a year). 


Tank started up on July 7th (when I added water and starter bacteria). 


Current stocking is:


Clownfish pair (one orange with a saddle on one side but stripe on the other, its pretty cool + one black and white still a little chasing but they seem to get along mostly).

Royal Gramma

Peppermint Shrimp that hides 90% of the time and only comes out for food or during the night 

Various snails (6 total) cuc












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2 hours ago, LazyFish said:

I like the rock structure. Do you plan on keeping any corals or macro algae?

Thanks, yeah I tried to not make it too high because I want it full of corals. I have extra rubble rock I might use to make an island for gsp but I think my first corals are going to be a toadstood or finger leather. I'm really fixated on leathers at the moment.

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