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Adding RODI water in AIO


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Any advice on where to add RODI water back into the tank? In other words, when topping off, should I add water directly into display or should I add to a chamber? If chamber, should it be added to the first, second or return?  I don't seem to need to top off but once a week if that, and it is usually just half a quart. 





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I have my auto top off return set at the inflow chamber.  In my mind it gives that water the most time to mix before heading into the display. 


You should consider a basic auto top off, that way you are only adding water in small doses, rather than half a quart at a time.


I've been having good luck with this one:  https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/prism-auto-top-off-reefbreeders-1.html


I turned the probe to a 45 degree angle to tighten up the range at which the auto top off kicks in. 

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Thanks for the insight as well as the ATO recommendation. I will give it a look! 

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Anywhere that's not directly poured onto a coral is probably fine, but a back chamber, any chamber, is better. 


Half a quart of water would be a lot in a 2gal tank, and nothing to a 200gal. Tank size is important there, for context. 

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