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Mitch’s 35 gallon HOB hex


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Hey everybody, it’s been a while since I’ve had a reef tank and decided to jump back into the hobby. A little about my reef background, I previously had a 40 gallon long and and 10 Gallon hexagon. I just fell I love with the look of the hexagon tank so I decided to pull the trigger and grab another one. This time 35 gallons instead of 10. Psyched to have a lot more room to work with  this time.


That being said I have resealed the silicone in the tank as my last 10 gall hex sprung a leak on me and I had to get rid of it 😢 I plan on making this tank super colourful and as crazy looking as possible. I just grabbed the reef rocks today and still haven’t finished arranging them quite the way I want yet but here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come. Any tips and tricks are appreciated.A95363DE-59DA-4062-ADBE-4328C071A440.thumb.jpeg.5787b33b768e64f6ffc72f34dba441d0.jpeg 



  • Tank
    • 35 gallon hexagonal 
  • Lighting
    • I’m honestly not to sure on what lighting I’m gonna use yet. Comment some suggestions you guys think would be good for the hex. 
  • Heater
    • Fluval 200w aquarium heater 
  • Flow
    • Fluval Sea 425gph wavemaker pump 
    • Flow from aqua clear 
    • I also plan to add another bulkhead in the future once I can figure out where it’s needed. 
  • Filtration
    • Aquaclear 70 HOB filter 
    • I also have a 10 gall sump with an external overflow box that I plan on hooking up to my tank once I get the proper equipment and get things going.
  • Live rock 
    • 30lb of Reef rocks I found locally
    • ( hard to get in my area ) 
  • Live sand
    • 20lb of Carib Sea sand 




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I also need someone’s opinion on my live stocking options. Let me know what you think 


Fish : 

1. Blue/green axel chromis 


     Blue reef chromis 


2.  Naked Ocellaris 

     Golden Nugget 

    Lightning Maroon 

3. Bi-colour Blenny 


     Black comb tooth Blenny  

4. Six Line Wrasse 


5. Diamond Watchmen Goby 


6. Exquisite firefish 



Clean Up Crew :


10 Blue Hermits

10 Astraea Turbos

10 Nassarius snails 

10 Trochus snails 

1 Sand Sifting Starfish 

1 Cleaner Shrimp 

1 Pincushion Urchin 


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Yes I’ve had a golden nugget before but he was by himself.  They are super aggressive. Not sure if it’s just a maroon species thing but I’ve seen some others have one with some success in the reef.  I plan on getting all those fish listed ( choosing either or ) , gonna slowly get them over time. 

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Update on the tank, I go to plug my aquaclear in and the motor on it is broken 😤 so I ordered a new one off Amazon and plugged in another power head to keep the flow going. Plenty of surface agitation and the new power head sometimes sucks a tornado of air down so I think it’ll do until the new aquaclear comes in this week. Let me know what you guys think.  Gonna do the ole shrimp method. It’s already the second day. Now we wait … 




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Hey you guys. Super exciting day today. I got my first livestock for the tank! I decided to go with 3 Black Storm Clownfish to start. I named them The Three Amigos 😂 They are definitely not camera shy. Feels good enjoying a hobby I love again 👌🏼



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Still a bit cloudy. Kicked up a lot of detritus from a water change but this is the whole tank from its 3 different views. Using a lamp at the moment cause I’m still waiting to grab a light for corals but this will work for now.image.thumb.jpg.b2316331d37005663de3754bbd9c98e1.jpg 





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