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Manu German

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Manu German


After having my fish tank empty for a long time, I want to restock it, but this time I want to do something new: Like research! I like to add some freshwater fish, But I'm still undecided about getting freshwater fish. I think a marine system would be lovely, but I know it will be very expensive and labor-intensive than a freshwater arrangement. Do you have any suggestions about this matter, If you have please tell me?
Thank you in advance ahead of time.

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 So are you saying to you have fw setup but want to get some insight of how much more expensive its going to be ?


 The only fish I know of that will be able to be acclimated from fw to sw is mollies. I'm sure there is more though. 


 At the moment what equipment do you have already,a tank,light and filter ? If so what brand ? 


- A more so budget friendly setup would be a 5g-10g aquarium from petco. $15-$30


- A used aquaillumination prime 16hd (find one here,fb marketplace,offerup,ebay for about $115-$150 with a tank mount. Its a wifi light you control from your phone).

- A aquaclear 30-50 or the fluval equivalent (best hang-on-back filter you can buy).


- Auto top off unit. Autotopoff.com has one for $55


- Quality test kits (Buy SALIFERT,DO NOT BUY API) are going to cost you about $80-$100 depending on how many kits you buy. I suggest PH,Ammonia,Nitrate,Nitrite Phosphates,Alkalinity. You will really only use ammonia and nitrite while the tank is cycling and the remaining kits will be used at least once a week. 


- Live sand-$15-$25


- Live rock,normally at a local store is about $1.50-$3 a pound for actual wet live rock. Which I suggest. It adds live good bacteria to a tank which helps cycle the tank and keeps a good biodiversity to the tank. Most people say 1lb per gallon of water,but if its good live rock a ½lb to a full pound is good per gallon. 

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