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Pod Your Reef

Marineland Portrait 5 Gallon Mixed Reef


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-Marineland Portrait 5 Gal

-AI Prime 16HD w/ custom program

-Current USA eFlux nano powerhead

-Stock return pump

-Aqueon 100w Heater

-DIY mesh lid

-Air stone in the return

-Bluetooth smart outlet



-Marineland Z filters

-Ceramic Aqua Clear Bio Max Filter

-Chemipure Blue

-Charcoal (occasionally)

-RowaPhos (occasionally)



March12, 2022 - Transferred what I could from my previous tank. Added a zoa colony, two tyree

green toadstools, and a pulsing xenia colony.



May 3, 2022 - Everything is looking good so far. Added a few mushrooms from a local reefer

which are placed on the rock about midway up.



May 10, 2022 - Everything is still doing great. Got a forest fire digi from a local reefer here

in Houston and found a great spot for it. Also added a torch coral at the bottom left but I do

not think my tank is suitable for it. 



May 28, 2022 - Traded the torch for a candycane coral which seems to be doing much better.



June 14, 2022 - Great photo but the candycane was already in feeding mode so it looks a

bit deflated. Also, had a slight algae bloom that is visible on the rocks. A quick cleanup and 

reducing feedings cleared that up.



June 17, 2022 - Much more inflated candycane but now the toadstools were spooked by the

shrimp. Also, first glimpse of the TSA sale peices I bought/won...hollywood stunner in the front,

space invader chalice up top, ultra acan on the bottom side, fire favia on the other side, and a 

few others.



June 23, 2022 - Everything is out and looking great. First glimpse of the new Darwin clown. 



Aug 1, 2022 - Best shot yet! The toadstools have had incredible growth over the past moth. 

Clown is happy. The freaking superman mushrooms are popping out babies like crazy!

Up to five now from one original. Digi looks a little faded but it is growing pretty rapidly and

has even started to encrust the live rock at the base.


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