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1 year 2 month Pictures


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I have all the inhabitants, specs and pictures at my site.

20 Gallon Site


Some spec

130 watts PC

29lbs LR

30lbs LS + Southdown



Blue and Red Wagon Wheel Mushroom

Brown Zoanthids

Cabbage Leather


Colt Coral

Devil's Hand

Green Ricordia

Green Star Polyps

Green Wagon Wheel Mushroom

Green Zoanthids

Kenya Tree

Metallic Green Hairy Mushroom

Orange with Brown Center Zoos

Orange Zoos

Pipe Organ

Purple Bullseye Mushroom

Red Bullseye Mushroom

Red Mushroom

Red Pimple Mushroom

Thin Green Sinularia

Toadstool Leather

Yellow Polyps

Yellow Zoanthids



There are some more corals I just haven't added them to my website yet......I guess I should do that tommorrow

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wirick21 - nice hack???


Ann - Thanks, I moved the fish over to my 58 a while back. I haven't decided if I want any fish yet. I'm interested at all the small life that is in the tank since there isn't a fish to pick at it.


Dr. Saltwater - Actually you are right. My brain froze I think when I was looking at the pic. It is actually two different kinds. The on in the foreground is my original I have. The background one I'm not sure what it is, but its very different.

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Hey Wes!


Its Jen, I picked up a tank from you a few months back? YOur tanks are still looking stellar. Once I get my 20 up and going we can have a contest ;0) looks like I'll be at a slight disadvantage though heheh, I just need a few years headstart to catchup.

You should post some pics of that 58G tank!

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looks liek you have a small flat worm problem, id try to get rid of them asap. i had them before, they double in size in a matter of days. the tank looks good tho.



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Oh hey Jen, Yea hurry up and get the 20 going :) I have tons more pictures of the 58. I take monthly pictures and I'm starting to get some cool growth sequences.


chris-Yeah the flatworms are annoying, I have flatworm exit I just haven't used it yet. I've had them appear and then leave quickly before. Next time they start to recede I'm going to nuke them, so I don't release a ton of toxin.

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mattie - Sounds good. Just send me a PM and we can figure a time out.


MarLooney - Yea I wish all of the coraline on the back glasss didn't die when I switched to MH temporarily at the start of the year. It is starting to come back now.

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I figured I'd post some october pics of my SPS







Blue Milli



Clown Camping at home













Blue Dot Squamosa





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Kicbak, your tanks still look great. Those frags you gave me last year are still doing great and are in my 29g back home. I've since fragged them several times, and "shared the wealth." I'm starting a 2.5 gallon right now because the ten I had here last year was too much trouble to take back and forth over the holidays. Once again, the tanks look great. You'll probably be able to start your frag business soon.

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Yea a 2.5 is a great size for a nano, I'm using a 5.5 at work which is good since I can fit all of the contents in a 5 gallon bucket if I need to move it. I really need to add some stuff to my site about what frags I have FT/FS soon.

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Here are a few shots of the tank. Also I got some great looking zoos the other day.

















The rest of the pics and pictures of my 58 SPS and stuff are




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